Monday, May 18, 2015

A New Earth: David Bentley Hart responds to Edward Feser

David Bentley Hart's essay (much of it tongue in cheek) declaring that animals may experience heaven met with a characteristically humorless and extravagantly verbose series of responses from Edward Feser. (1, 2, 3)

Hart has responded in his "Back Page" feature in First Things. The article, "Romans 8:19-22" is behind a paywall, but here are a few choice excerpts:
Of the few things I can say about Edward Feser with any confidence, perhaps the most obvious are that he is an adherent of The [Thomist] System, that he is one of its more uncompromising advocates in popular Christian apologetics, and that he is valiant (if not always subtle) in attacking any deviation from the vision of reality it promotes. To this, I can subjoin the observation that, like many guardians of The System, he exhibits a severely limited knowledge of the larger Christian intellectual tradition, and so does not always recognize it when it comes into conflict with certain of The System's principles....
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