Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Webb of Confusion

Stephen Webb's recent article, "The End of the Analogy of Being," follows a now familiar pattern. Webb sets forth a characterization of some thinker that bears almost no resemblance to what that thinker said, and, on consulting that thinker's works, I usually find him to be saying the exact opposite. Webb is hardly ever clear, when he attributes a belief to someone, if that belief is explicitly held or a consequence (welcome or otherwise) of that thinker's views. And, if the latter, Webb never says what the specific propositions are that lead to the portrait Webb paints.
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  1. I won't respond to your vague criticisms of me (you have found a pattern of confusions but give no citations), but I will be glad to respond to your criticisms of my posting at First Things. One response is up today and more coming when time permits. Thanks.